Manpower Workers Workforce In Demand During Pandemic

Why Local Workers /Manpower Are In Demand During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

The Consequences of Covid-19 on the Economics

While the restrictive measures are thought to be required to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 spreading, instead an enormous strain on local labour markets and economies. In the short term, unemployment is already at an all-time high, and the analysis estimates that the lockdowns might result in a direct drop in GDP. The long-term consequences will be determined by the length of the lockdowns, additional restrictions governing social distancing, the magnitude of indirect consequences such as declines in consumer expenditure, and the effectiveness of policy remedies. A recession is unavoidable, meaning an additional domino effects and consequences will impact the industry directly.

The pandemic effect regions quite differently, with tourism industry and large cities suffering the most in the immediate term. Some regions are expected to suffer more than others as a result of lockdown measures, with a deeper economic downturn and a greater number of jobs at danger. Jobs possibly at risk refer to activities directly impacted by the shutdowns, but a considerable portion of those may remain at risk even after lockdown is lifted due to other social distancing measures and ongoing restrictions on certain activities. Manufacturing, construction & development, wholesale and retail trading, air transport, accommodation and food services, real estate services, professional service activities, and entertainment & recreation are among the most vulnerable industries.

Industries That Did Well During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Glove Medical Quipment Manufacturing


The pandemic had largely impacted the worldwide manufacturing and supply chain system. Most of the world’s major economies went into total lockdown, and the attention has subsequently moved to the spike in demand for essential goods such as packaging food and medical equipment. Selected businesses or their products are in high demand such as: glove, face masks, sanitizers, PPE, thermal scanners, ventilators, and essential food items.

Due to these uncertainties, people are stockpiling essential goods during the pandemic, which adds pressure in managing customer’s demand. As a result, corporates and organizations must plan for supply decisions in terms of capacity, manpower and labour workforce, inventory, and so on in order to guarantee continuous supply.

Logistic Courier Services In Demand


However, during the pandemic the demand for courier and logistics services has skyrocketed, fueled mostly by internet shopping as people continue to stay at home. The demand for e-commerce is expected to remain strong for years to come. People are wary and alert of the third wave of coronavirus cases, and people choose to stay indoors and shop online. As a result, this will reinforce a behavioural change in the long run and encouraging e-commerce activity, which in turn raises demand for courier and logistics services. Companies have scaled up hiring initiatives to meet the increased demand. Coupled with the fact of low barriers to entry, the courier and logistics business is set to see a signifcant increase in demand for local manpowers and workers, especially for those locals who has driving licenses.

Agriculture Plantation Industry Palm Oil


The agriculture and plantation industries of Malaysia rely largely on foreign labour. However, the international recruitment procedure has been halted due to MCO (Movement Control Order) in Malaysia to combat Covid-19. According to the Malaysian government, our country’s plantation industry, including palm oil plantations, was 500,000 workers short in year 2020 alone. Plantations and Commodities Minister Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali, on the other hand, has urged corporations to hire more local workers.

Immediate Action Required to Solved the Manpower Crisis

During critical periods, businesses must take immediate action, begin planning for what happens next, and start thinking about what comes after. Now there is a need to employ local manpower/workers . Malaysian corporations and businesses must identify and designate a local team and manpower to support the way work is produced and shared during and after the Covid- 19 pandemic.

Local Workers Manpower Recruitment Agency

How to Hire Local Workers During The Pandemic ?

Organizations seeking to protect employee health and well-being have shifted to a remote work approach at a scale never seen before. As face-to-face communication is overtaken by e-mail and videoconferencing, HR managers are forced to perform challenging tasks under tough conditions. And this is where us, Concepts Groups comes in. We are an experienced local worker / manpower recruitments agency in Malaysia that has championed an integrated strategy to local employment and economic growth that brings together the continued operation of SMEs and business organisations in Malaysia.

Concepts Group Can Help to Solve Your Local Manpower/Workers Shortage.

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