Why are foreign workers important? and How can we attract them to work for us?

Foreign workers have had a rise in demand over the years as they are important for several reasons. Malaysia is always looking for workers to fill the labor shortages in the country. As the demand for manpower increases, the demand for the need of foreign workers does too. To fill in the sectors, such as those in dairy farms and meat production plants, and those who work with animals, plantation and in the construction industry.

However, it is becoming more difficult to fill these positions with qualified candidates. Many companies are looking into how they can attract foreign workers because not only do they have a need, but also they have incentives that allow them to produce goods and services at a lower cost. And we want to attract them because they bring diversity to our workforce and culture, and they help create economic growth.

It is important to ensure manpower agencies and their clients complies with government standards as a result of successful recruitment. We shall be precise to select individuals with the right set of skills and to ensure the candidate is able to fulfil the governmental standards for foreign workers recruitment, be it documentation, health etc. It is compulsory for both the government and organizations to comply with the law and follow the same hiring processes to attract the best talent from around the world, as this would be a factor to build confidence.


Hiring Strategies & Challenges for Foreign Workers

The rising demand for foreign workforce implicated from the lack of skilled labor forces within the country and individuals that acquires knowledge on professions such as manufacturing thus rises the need for external supports.

To help with this problem, there are a number of strategies available to companies that would like to hire foreign workers in Malaysia. These strategies range from recruiting procedures from abroad or from within a company’s workforce to hiring expatriates.

Countless challenges companies face in the effort of bringing in foreign workers. Namely, issues such as language barriers, cultural differences, and less familiarity with the surroundings. Ensuring companies that have foreign employees practice a good work ethic simply because different country practices different ethics and getting foreign workers to adjust to the Malaysian context is an immense challenge. For instance, ensuring they are professional, dedicated, show up on time for work each day, and be willing to follow the rules set by the company.


Working with Foreigners and Fostering Growth in Your Company

The majority of companies in emerging countries are faced with a labor shortage. In order to get new labor, they need to bring in more manpower from overseas. As the global economy continues to recover after the covid-19 pandemic, companies are looking for ways to increase their workforce. One way is to hire foreign workers who are eager to work and bring skill sets that will help increase revenue and company productivity.

It’s not always easy to find the right candidate with the skills needed for your company. The right candidates are hard to find, but luckily there are a few possible solutions. In order to get the right candidates for the job, many companies have been investing and engaging in foreign workers recruitment agency in Malaysia. These agencies help them find new workers from various parts of the world and offer them a variety of services such as translation, visa application and even accommodation services.

Companies should also not only look at recruiting foreigners but also focus on fostering growth within their workforce by increasing company productivity and increasing revenue by providing more jobs for locals at the same time.

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