Company Background | A Manpower Supply Agency

Concepts Group has been established in 1991, a manpower supply agency in Malaysia that was formed by 3 founders, Dato’ Low Boon An, Mr Billy Low, and Mr Low B.C.

Our organization owns a total of 13 subsidiary companies that offer manpower supply across the nation.

We offer you a professional consultation and advisory on the service we offer. Our team is here to help your business need in local & foreign manpower supply, hostel & transport management for workers, payroll management, worker’s discipline management, welfare, counselling, and training for your workers.

As a pioneer in this industry, we are proud claimers of being the most reliable and hassle-free manpower agency in Malaysia. The recognition and feedback from our valuable and long-term business clients such as multinational companies and public listed companies who chose us to be their choice worker supply & management agency.

Our recruitment and training centres are located throughout West Peninsular Malaysia namely Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Pahang, Melaka, and Perak. Concepts Group established trustworthy associate partners overseas, from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Our organization undergoes a constant update in the new systems based on governmental regulations, to ensure the standards measure up to RBA Standard and International Quality Management. We are accredited with License C under section 9A (1) of Private Employment Agencies Act 1981, regulated by government’s regulation, this license permits us, recruiters, to fulfil your requirement in recruiting employees locally and internationally.

Concepts Group prioritizes your business’s productivity by saving your time, energy, and costs in recruiting and managing workers. We work along with you to ensure you have HR professionals to support you in your business operations.


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1. What is our role as a manpower agency in Malaysia?

A manpower agency or a total HR provider that recruits and manages workers on behalf of employers, enabling them to reach out to a wider range of workers while saving on cost and time.

2. Why is it important to plan on your manpower intake?

To be able to meet the ability of quota application, for instance, the number of workers potentially needed in order to run a successful production and to understand how many workers are your company eligible to hire.

3. How to recruit foreign manpower in Malaysia?

*Firstly, employers must undergo quota application assessment to check the eligibility of foreign workers recruitment. This is followed by quota application and coordination with Source Countries partners pertaining to documentation. For more information on these procedures, contact us.

4. Why should you choose us as your worker supply & management agency?

We hold 31 years of expertise in manpower recruitment for factories and offer job opportunities for global citizens making us one of the most reliable manpower agency in Malaysia. We formed alliances with partners from Source Countries for a seamless recruitment process.