Pioneer Local Worker Supply & Recruitment Agency In Malaysia

We are proud pioneers of local worker supply in Malaysia, with a proven track record of thousands of local (Malaysian) workers since 1991, which stands us as a remarkable service provider to our clients.


  • Concepts Group’s affiliate company Agensi Pekerjaan ATC Logistics Sdn. Bhd was granted with License C in 2018 as an authorized Private Employment Agency by the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia and the Ministry of Human Resources (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia, KSM).


  • We own a strong nationwide recruitment team with more than 25 local worker recruiters to conduct ongoing recruitment for local employees throughout East and West Malaysia.


  • Our designated Supervisor/Leader resolves any issues in relation to workers and attends to emergency needs before, during, and after working hours.

Our Clients



1. Why do we have a high success rate of local manpower supply in Malaysia?

Our tactical and spontaneous recruitment team are able to support and meet the demand of clients by recruiting the best team of local workers to support clients’ production.

2. Why are we the best local worker recruitment agency in the Malaysian market?

We work along with highly experienced partners from various source on recruiting workers. Therefore, as one of the leading local worker agency in Malaysia, we strive to fit our services up to the standards of clients.

3. Why is Concepts Group is the ultimate choice for clients?

We cover all aspects of HR support (local & foreign workers’ recruitment, hostel & transport management, document renewal services, and payroll support). Our service, saves your time, cost and hassle while delivering the best results.