Local & Foreign Worker Recruitment

Pioneer Local & Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency In Malaysia

As a pioneer local & foreign worker agency in Malaysia, we assist you in recruiting local and foreign employees based on your needs and preferences.


  • Concepts Group is an affiliate company to Agensi Pekerjaan ATC Logistics Sdn Bhd, which has granted its License C since 2018, as an authorized Private Employment Agency by the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia and the Ministry of Human Resources (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia, KSM).
  • We own a strong nation-wide recruitment team with more than 25 team members to conduct on-going recruitment of local employees throughout East and West Malaysia.
  • Our designated Supervisor/Leader resolves any issues in relation to workers and attends any emergency needs before, during, and after working hours on production floors.
Manpower supply agency Malaysia – Concepts Groups


  • Ensure the Quality and Productivity of candidates are on par with current standards and the recruitment work has good Quality and Reliability of service in connection to our clients and stakeholders in host countries.
  • Smoothen your operations without any interference, as we comply and are endorsed by the Governmental Authority and Embassy of Source Countries, and Malaysia.
  • We have built strategic partnerships with various stakeholders in EIGHT (08) MAJOR Host Countries :
    • Indonesia
    • Nepal
    • Myanmar
    • Bangladesh
    • Vietnam
    • Philippines
    • Sri Lanka
    • Pakistan
  • We have various partners in sourced countries, to ensure the right employees with relevant skills to fulfil your requirements from time to time.
  • Our recruitment ethics:
    • Adherence to Labour Act
    • Transparency of Terms of Engagement
    • Respect to Employee’s Right
    • Non-Discrimination and Humane Treatment

Our Clients


Automotive Industry
I knew Concepts Group when i wanted to get some local & foreign workers for the first time for my company 3 years ago but I wasn’t sure about the requirement & process by that time, but the person in charge was able to give detail consultation to clear my doubts. Concepts Group is a very professional & ethical in business. I have recommended their services to many of my friends.
Electronic Industry
Head of HR
Concepts Group has been helping us in managing our workers for the past 10 years until now. It has been a wonderful journey with them. We will just need to take care of the workers’ productivity during working hour, Concepts Group has got our back after working hour. I would strongly recommend businesses out there for their services especially if you’re looking in a long-run.