Worker Hostel Management

We own and manage a wide variety of workers hostel across Peninsular Malaysia for local & foreign employees. Our team ensures that our hostels are safe, conducive and complies with workers’ accommodation standards of the local labour act (Foreign Employees Amenities and Facilities (ACT 446) and Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).


Our hostels are strategically situated surrounding basic facilities (eateries, grocery stores, banks etc) and Inductrial Parks from Northern to Southern region of Malaysia. We constantly establish hostels around client’s factories, which enables us to monitor workers.


Our cost-effective foreign and local worker hostel management service package subsides, all the hassle and tedious procedures for you, without compromising on government’s regulation of meeting the standards of Act 446 and the international code of conduct RBA.


Our Hostel services:


  • Fully furnished with facilities & basic equipment
  • Manage payment for rental / water & utilities bills / sewerage fees
  • To ease subsidize the utilities of water & electricity expenses
  • Warden monitors the hostel’s upkeep
  • Person-in-charge attends any emergency calls/cases
  • Conduct scheduled audits to ensure compliance and cleanliness
  • 24/7 security patrolling to ensure the safety of the living quarters
  • Hostel maintenance & repairing work
  • Provide water test
  • Disciplinary and counselling services

Worker Transport Management

We have our own buses and vans, which covers all routes and connects to major industrial areas, throughout Peninisular Malaysia and our team obtained driver’s license from;


  • National Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD)
  • Approved Service Route from State Regulators (SPAD)
  • Approved Roadworthy Vehicles with License & Regulatory permits from both Road Transport Department (JPJ) and SPAD.

Our team of 50 over competent professional drivers ensures workers travel to work safely on time. Our vehicles undergo regular maintenance which to ensure that it is safe for workers to travel in.


Our Transportation Services:


  • Daily transportation arrangement commute to/from work
  • Emergency support during/after working hours
  • FOMEMA appointment
  • Take workers to clinic/hospital for check-ups (if sick)
  • Bank Account Registration
  • Taken to the airport for repatriation to source country due to end of employment/return from home country for holiday/ clearance for new arrivals.
  • Passport renewal arrangement at the embassy.
  • Worker’s clearance from the airport to the hostel

Our Clients