Local & Foreign Employees Vaccination Process

We assisted our clients with the vaccination procedures for their Local and Foreign Employees, who received their vaccination appointment in different places. Our team were committed to helping our clients and their team despite these tough times. We are glad to say the smiles on their faces upon receiving the two doses, depict their confidence in fighting towards global immunization.

August, 2021

A Charitable Effort To Support Workers During This Deadly Pandemic

Charity at Melaka- The Covid outbreak once again had led to a difficult situation for our workers. Hence, in August 2021, our team had donated necessities namely groceries and household items to our workers in Melaka, hoping to reduce the burden of spending. The charitable occurrence was conducted with proper SOP measures.

August, 2021

Concepts Group Employees Vaccination Against Covid-19

The Covid-19 had caused hardships for both the country and citizens. We strongly believe that to combat the deadly pandemic, we as responsible citizens shall contribute to the government’s efforts in ending Covid 19. We stick to our principles of ensuring the welfare and safety of all our employees, by providing them vaccines against Covid-19 in the month of July 2021 at Selcare Clinic Sentosa.

We are glad to mention that from our side we have contributed with 95% of Concepts Group employees completed two dosages of their Covid-19 vaccination.

July, 2021
Lending A Helping Hand To Our Employees Amidst Of Pandemic

In light of the current Covid-19 situation and Movement Control Order (MCO), Concepts Group has initiated a helping hand to foreign workers in distributing daily necessities and household goods, in which they will not need to go to stores for daily necessities.

For we, ensure their safety and prevent Covid-19 outbreak, which is in line with the Ministry of Malaysia’s guidelines. We have disinfected the foreign worker’s quarters as we place the utmost importance on the safety and health of our foreign workers.

March - December, 2020
Charity-Action Speaks Louder Than Words

In April 2013, our team paid a visit to an orphanage centre in Klang, to offer a small contribution of daily necessities and some money, hoping it could be a form of help for them to have a good life. We believe in sharing an extra of ours with the ones in need. 


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