HR Solutions | Manpower Supply in Malaysia

As a pioneer manpower agency in Malaysia, established in 1991, we are devoted to being the best assistant to our clients in enhancing their daily business operations. We are proud to be the most reliable and hassle-free manpower supply and recruitment company in Malaysia. 

We equip your company with the best team of local and foreign workers recruitment with our reliable manpower/labour supply services which saves your time and cost in general worker recruitment, leaving your organization with smooth and hassle-free daily business operations.

Our Core Values


To be the BEST HR solution provider in Malaysia, specializing in local and foreign recruitment by meeting the standard of clients’ needs.


Passionately work with Source Partners to help organizations across various industries by optimizing their HR needs to gain competitive advantages and contribute to the nations’ GDV while creating job opportunities for Global Citizens.


Redefine the world of work with passion, empathy and intuition when creating clients’ Total HR experience. We are truly committed to abide by Industrial Code of Practice(s) in delivering professional recruitment and human resource management.


Our Clients


1. What is our role as a worker supply agency in Malaysia?

A Manpower Agency is a Total HR Provider that recruits and manages general workers on behalf of employers. Manpower agencies provide you with a wide range of workers that are suitable for your business production while saving on cost and time.

2. Why is it important to plan on your manpower intake?

To meet the eligibility of quota application, for instance, by planning how many workers would you require in order to achieve your targeted output to save on the cost which ranges from (workers’ hostel, transport, salary etc).

3. How to recruit through manpower supplier in Malaysia?

Firstly, employers must undergo a quota application assessment to check their eligibility for foreign workers recruitment. Followed by quota application and coordination with Source Countries partners pertaining to documentation. For more information on these procedures, contact us.

4. Why should you choose us as your worker supply & management agency?

We hold 31 years of expertise in manpower recruitment for factories and provide job opportunities for global citizens making us one of the most reliable manpower agency in Malaysia. We have partners at Source Countries which contribute to our high success rate in recruitment.