A foreign worker agency revelation on why foreign manpower is the best choice

Industry players and SMEs in Malaysia agree upon the implementation of the Industry 4.0 Technologies in which machines automation, digitalization, and artificial intelligence act as a substitute for foreign workers.

  • Data exhibited by the Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources shows the accumulation of foreign workers in Malaysia which made up more than 30% of the workforce in the agriculture sector and more than 20% of the workforce in both construction and manufacturing sectors in 2019. These data states that almost half the workforce is of foreign descent.

(Source: Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources)


Why companies still need foreign workers?

Concepts Groups – Here is why we as one of the leading foreign worker agencies in Malaysia believe that companies still rely on foreign workers heavily.

  • Industry producers and manufacturers are seeking divergence in terms of machines and automation in the efforts of reducing the reliance on foreign labour, for it increases productivity and cost-efficiency. However, it does not eliminate the factory’s need for foreign workers.

  • MIDF research shows that most of the obs taken up by foreign workers as they are known to be more spontaneous and bold, are always down to get 3D (dirty, dangerous, and difficult). A bold personality is what we need in establishing a great business.

We believe many Malaysia business hesitant in hiring foreign workers because of the duration of worker’s application, which are lengthy and complicated.

Holding years of expertise in this sector, we are glad to help out manufacturers by helping out with the entire process of foreign manpower applications, while you may only focus on developing your business.



Final Remark

To strike the proper balance in Malaysia’s workforce and human resources, the industry, specialists, and lawmakers must be open and honest about redesigning the entire economy and the future of jobs. Every sector must be analyzed and rebuilt.


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