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How to retain general workers a note by a recruitment agency in Malaysia

Quoting the all-time basketball star Michael B. Jordan “Talent wins the game, however, to win a championship you need the best team”. The exertion of this quote applies in the setting of the factory’s operation process. A setting that distinguishes in terms of planning, developing and production, manufacturing, leaving two different teams in operating a steady business flow for a factory. However, the inability to retain workers had become the biggest industry concern.

Here are some steps to retain general workers working in a factory:-

1. Establishing a cordial company culture

The vitality of establishing a good company culture for workers reflects the loyalty of a factory worker. Therefore, it is important for the management to ensure that the environment flourishes positively, which can be done by rewarding them with “Best Employee of the Month” etc.

2. Assign workers to their qualified skills

As an expert local manpower supply agency in Malaysia, it’s extremely important to plan and assign workers to the right factory that’s correlated to their set of skills. Having to provide them with a job that fits their comforts zone lubricates the turnover rate of factories employment rate.

3. Flexible working environment

It is important to provide a breather to all employees including factory workers. Thus, a short break now and then may help them in regaining energy both mentally and physically, and indirectly to better productivity.

4. Acknowledgement of workers dedication

Some workers often seek to work overtime. By providing them with the choice to work overtime in which they would be able to earn extra. Builds anticipation for them to go to work, especially foreign workers.

5. Extracurricular activities

The organization shall initiate various extracurricular activities for all employees, as a bonding session. Having to create a bond develops a sense of belonging, which subconsciously indicates in the mind of workers that they are situated in the right environment. Thus, it builds stronger company culture and a stronger team that directs to the growth of an organization.

Concepts Group as a top manpower agency in Malaysia holds a pioneer position in this industry, urges industrial acquaintances to have the common practice as this would lift the growth within the organization and the industry as a whole.

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