Concepts Groups meets the demand of foreign worker needs in Malaysia

We fulfil the needs of clients from numerous sectors. Namely manufacturing, construction, SMEs by focusing more on quota application and recruit local and foreign worker specifically in the manufacturing industry. We are widely known by our multinational company (MNC) clients as a rapid and dependable manpower agency in Malaysia, that guarantees “zero trouble” for clients.

We specialize in sourcing out workers from various nationalities Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and more to fulfil the manpower requirements of clients. Shedding lights to the current situation, in which Malaysia faces a shortage of manpower which will affect the growth of Malaysian economy. As a result, to that, rises the importance of a manpower agency in Malaysia for employees and employers, due to governments’ restriction towards foreign worker intake.

The rave of hiring a manpower agency is due to their swiftness of handling tedious tasks deriving from their years of expertise. Therefore, the current quota restriction, manpower agencies puts forth the importance of filling the quota with suitable candidate. Us worker’s agencies pay substantial importance towards matching the perfect candidate to your job requirement and prevent hiring substandard staff.

Concepts Group owns a strong track record by diligently complying with the governmental regulations. We ensure to undergo the right procedure in recruiting candidates, by putting utmost importance to the reputation and expectations of our clients’. All our candidates are taken through a meticulous filtering process and we ensure clients are equipped with all the necessary documentation and eligibility of hiring foreign workers. This is the apparent reason as to why we are noted to be a reputable workforce recruitment firm amongst our clients and our source country stakeholders.

Here are information about us:

We have been successfully operating since 1991, specializing in local and foreign worker recruitment, hostel and transport management, quota application assistance, workers’ payroll and welfare management.

Our team is able to provide you with your company needs’ based on the expertise and knowledge we acquire. We put your time and cost as our utmost importance, thus we have the most efficient service package caters to your business needs merely.

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